Future Practice - Choosing Wisely

There are few decisions more important than the selection of where and how the new graduate will choose to practice. Careful consideration will ensure the best chance for success and happiness in the practice of optometry.

Some of the major aspects to be considered in the location process include:

PROFESSIONAL:     Determine the potential for growth of patient base.

EDUCATION: Quality of schools for children, as well as proximity for the doctor's continuing education.

ECONOMIC: Age, income, education, and health care awareness of prospective patients.

PERSONAL: Civic, social, cultural opportunities, the advantages/disadvantages of living there.


Zoning and building restrictions; present and future tax burdens.
SPOUSAL: The input and acceptance by spouse is extremely important.

Is it better to lease or own the practice location? Should the location be urban or rural? Must the décor be plush and upscale or professionally conservative? Will a shopping center or professional building be the better choice?