Selecting Your Practice Mode and Location

How do you perceive optometry school graduation? Is it the end of your formal education for your degree, the beginning of your professional career, a stepping stone to obtaining your license? However you perceive it, this ritual is truly a milestone on the road towards your personal success in your chosen profession.

In addition to excelling in your classroom and clinical studies, part of your time in school will be spent laying groundwork for the future that waits for you after graduation. Will your first professional position be your lifetime employment? Probably not. Will your dream practice be available immediately after graduation? Maybe, maybe not. But those are not negatives. The first professional steps you take help you reach further milestones on your way to your ultimate goals.

Whatever ultimate goals you plan - and you have many choices - early career planning results in a better chance of realizing your goals.

As a student member of AOSA and AOA, you have the advantage of using the benefits provided through your membership to help plan and organize your future career. Continue your advantage by continuing your association membership after graduation. Association membership provides benefits to help you achieve your professional career goals, helps protect your scope of practice, and advances your profession.