Contact Lens & Cornea Section

About the Section

The CLCS is a nationally recognized segment of the American Optometric Association (AOA). Members of CLCS include eye care professionals and optometry students who are dedicated to furthering their understanding in the field of contact lenses, cornea, diagnosis and treatment of anterior segment disease, refractive surgery, and related technologies.

By joining the CLCS, we serve you, our member, by providing timely clinical education, representation with state and national government agencies, and a recognized and trusted voice to the public for information on contact lenses, anterior segment management, and refractive technologies. Below are tools and resources related to the goals and mission of the CLCS:

Protecting Patients in the Contact Lens Market

How to report potential violations by contact lens retailers

Patient Education Resources

Healthy Vision and Contact Lenses

FAQs about Contact Lens Prescriptions 

Physician Resources and Guidance on Contact Lenses

Through the Lens:  Approaches and Recommendations for Discussing Contact Lens Options with Patients

Using Patient Engagement to Improve the Contact Lens Wearing Experience

Hydrogen Peroxide Based Solutions: Compliance is Key to Patient Sucess

Viewpoints on Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

The Potential Benefit of Multi-Focal Lenses for Patients

Results of the First AOA Contact Lens Summit

Perspectives on Achieving Presbyopic Contact Lens Success

Perspectives on the Monthly Contact Lens Modality


Engaging Policy Makers on Contact Lens Related Issues

CLCS takes part in briefings to members of congress and their staff members related to contact lens safey and engages federal agencies with jurisdication over contact lens health and safety issues.  

To be part of these important efforts, become a member of the Contact Lens and Cornea Section today!

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