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Baseball is a fast moving ball sport that requires a unique set of visual skills to perform well. It relies on the eye’s ability to pick up a fast moving object, identify its trajectory and track it into the bat or glove. Of all sports, baseball is the one most commonly associated with sports vision training.

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Hockey is a fast-paced dynamic sport that requires exceptional visual performance. One of the sport’s greatest players, Wayne Gretsky, has been heard to attribute his exceptional performance to his ‘vision’.

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Motocross, a form of motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits, is one of the original ‘extreme’ sports and one of the most visually intense. Few other sports require such mastery of so many critical visual skills, nor expose the athlete to such catastrophic consequences of sub-par visual performance.

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Rugby is an intensely physical, fast-paced ball sport that requires excellent dynamic visual acuity, ocular motility, peripheral awareness, eye-hand/eye-body coordination and anticipation timing.

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