VRS Awards

Distinguished Service Award

The American Optometric Association (AOA) Vision Rehabilitation Section (VRS) Distinguished Service Award is given to a non-optometric colleague or organization for major contributions to the advancement of vision rehabilitation care and exceptional service to the community, the field of vision rehabilitation and/or the AOA Vision Rehabilitation Section.

Nominees from education, orientation and mobility, social work, psychology, medicine or any other field serving the visually impaired are eligible.  Emphasis is given to nominees who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to serving the visually impaired to improve visual efficiency, primarily through means of vision rehabilitation services, multidisciplinary concepts and working closely with optometry.

2015 NORA   2014 Karen Keeney
2013 Mark Lucas, M.S.   2012 Jeff Haddox (Sight Savers)
2011 John C. Townsend, O.D.   2010 Michael D. Oberdorfer, Ph.D.
2009 Robert Massof, Ph.D.   2008 Lylas Mogk, M.D.
2007 Samuel Markowitz, M.D.   2006 The Seniors Coalition
2005 AMD Alliance International   2004 www.mdsupport.org
2003 Jane Erin, Ph.D.   2002 Association for Macular Disease, Inc.
2001 Rosemary Janiszewski, M.S.   2000 Delta Gamma
1999 LVRS Sponsors   1998 NOAH
1997 Lighthouse of New York   1996 Doris & Mark Sessions (ABCD)
1995 Gordon Legge, Ph.D.   1994 Eleanor Faye, M.D.
1993 Blind Children's Center of Los Angeles   1992 Michigan Commission for the Blind
1991 Gregory Zimmerman, Ph.D.   1990 Anne Corn, Ed.D.
1989 Greg Goodrich, Ph.D.   1988 Milton Samuelson
1987 Clare Hood, R.N.   1986 Audrey Smith, Ph.D.
1985 Samuel Genensky, Ph.D.   1984 Natalie Barraga, Ed.D.

Vision Care Award

The VRS Vision Care Award is given to an optometrist who is a member in good standing of the AOA Vision Rehabilitation Section and who has demonstrated exceptional service to the community, the field of vision rehabilitation and/or the Vision Rehabilitation Section.  Such exceptional service might include donation of services, development of optical aids research or facilitation of services either on a community, state or national level.

2015 Mitch Scheiman, O.D.   2014 Chrystyna Rakoczy, O.D.
2013 Harvey Richman, O.D.   2012  
2011     2010 Bruce P. Rosenthal, O.D.
2009 William Brown, O.D., Ph.D.   2008 Susan Gormezano, O.D.
2007 Ronald Siwoff, O.D.   2006 Kathleen Freeman, O.D.
2005 Roy Cole, O.D.   2004 Joan Stelmack, O.D.
2003 Jerry Davidoff, O.D.*   2002 David Loshin, O.D.
2001 Pauline Beale, O.D.   2000 Wayne Hoeft, O.D.
1999 Paul Freeman, O.D.   1998 Frank DiChiara, O.D.
1997 Robert Rosenberg, O.D.   1996 Edward Goodlaw, O.D.*
1995 Ian Bailey, O.D.   1994 George Hellinger, O.D.*
1993 Randall Jose, O.D.   1992 Norman Weiss, , O.D.
1991 Robert Wolter, O.D.*   1990 Edwin Mehr, O.D.*
1989 William Padula, O.D.   1988 Frank Brazelton, O.D.*
1987 Jay Enoch, O.D.   1986 Allan Freid, O.D.
1985 Alfred Rosenbloom, O.D.*   1984

William Feinbloom, O.D.*