Think About Your Eyes

About Think About Your Eyes (TAYE)

Americans value their eye health, ranking it equally important as the health of their heart and much more important than teeth or mental health concerns. According to the 2016 American Eye Q® survey, many of those Americans know that their eye health is important and believe it is vital to schedule a regular appointment with their eye doctor, but until recently, such views haven't inspired patients to take action to get to their doctor of optometry's office for a regular eye examination.

The multi-faceted national advertising campaign, Think About Your Eyes (TAYE), is the answer. Think About Your Eyes delivers optometry's exclusive message, encouraging patients to get a regular, in-person, comprehensive eye exam. The AOA is a partner in the initiative, a nationwide, multi-million dollar television, radio, print and Internet advertising campaign specifically designed to educate Americans on the need for better vision health, motivate them to schedule their annual eye exam, and link them to a doctor if they don't already have one. All of the advertising includes the tagline "Brought to you by the American Optometric Association."

Campaign Results

Launched in 2013, the campaign has grown eye examinations faster than ever. In 2016, the campaign generated 1.15 million eye exams, up from 828,000 in 2015. Exam cycle for consumers exposed to Think About Your Eyes messaging was shortened from 24 months to 14 months. Industry revenue generated thanks to campaign messaging equals $494 million.

Future Plans for Growth

This success is a testament to a campaign that resonates with Americans-and motivates patients toward timely, regular eye care-and as such, has garnered increased support in the new year from industry, the Vision Council, and the AOA. 2017 will be the campaign's "biggest year yet," reaching more Americans than ever.  

Increased investment from Think About Your Eyes' partners will expand the campaign budget by more than 60 percent, in turn, meaning a more visible initiative.

  • TV ads will start airing on February 13 and will increase by 170 percent, from 11 to 16 weeks, delivering more than 1 billion impressions

  • Ads will run consistently from February through September

  • The campaign will use new, creative messages to inspire action and test the use of "optometrist" in advertisements

AOA Member Specials

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The AOA's fellow partners in TAYE include The Vision Council, Alcon, All About Vision, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., Gunnar Optiks, WestGroup, Hilco Vision, First Vision Media Group, Jobson, National Vision, Inc. (NVI), SpecialEyes, SPY, Walman Optical, Transitions, Shamir, VisionExpo, Chemistrie Eyewear, Essilor, Luxottica Group, and Eschenbach.