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Support Advocacy

As the only organization advocating for the optometric profession, the AOA represents your interests at all legislative levels.

Whether it is fighting for patient access, defending our scope of practice, or educating the public on the importance of eye health, the AOA a powerful advocate for you and your patients. Your continued support of the AOA and your state association is critical to the future of optometry.

Dr. Josiah Young

Did you know?

In addition to safeguarding our hard-won physician status, the AOA is pressing Federal agencies to take action against companies offering dangerous online vision tests and building support in Congress for bills to outlaw abusive policy of vision plans and to crackdown on Internet contact lens sellers.

Reason 2

Continuing Education & Clinical Resources

Keep up with the latest in optometric care and technology. The AOA leads the way in the development of clinical tools, best practices, and continuing education programs to advance and elevate patient care.

With new options for patients on how and where to get glasses, it's more important than ever to be able to offer specialized skills. The AOA provides resources, tools, CE and even advocacy networks to help our colleagues learn more about each specialty!

Dr. Amanda Nanasy

Did you know?

Access to AOA MORE (Measures and Outcomes Registry for Eyecare) is included with your AOA membership. Valued at $1,800 per year, AOA MORE lets you share in and contribute to the collected clinical wisdom of our entire membership.

Reason 3

Public Awareness

Programs like TAYE show the commitment of the AOA to increase nationwide public awareness of ocular health and the importance of yearly eye exams.

Programs like TAYE show the commitment of the AOA to increase nationwide public awareness of ocular health and the importance of yearly eye exams.

Dr. Matthew Gerstberger

Did you know?

AOA is the only national organization shaping the public's view of the essential primary care role of doctors of optometry. Through a national advertising campaign, outreach to national, regional and local media outlets and initiatives targeting large employers and benefit managers, the AOA is driving more patients into optometry offices, especially those listed in the exclusive members-only Find-a-Doctor online resource.

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Community, Connection, Career. And so much more.

From professional publications and events to volunteer opportunities to business and career development, AOA members enjoy a range of benefits no other organization can deliver.

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AOA members earn on average 15 percent more annually than non-members.

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