HIPAA Notices

Notice at the beginning of the treatment relationship: The Notice of Privacy Practices must be provided by the date that a service is first provided. In an emergency situation, notice should be provided as soon as possible after the emergency treatment. After providing notice, you should make a good faith effort to obtain a written acknowledgment of receipt of the notice. If the receipt of acknowledgment cannot be obtained, you should document your efforts to obtain written acknowledgment and the reasons why you couldn't obtain it.

Notice through Email: The notice requirements described above can be satisfied through e-mail if your patient agrees to electronic notice. When the first service is electronically delivered to the patient, you must provide electronic notice automatically and contemporaneously in response to the patient's first request for service. If you know that the e-mail delivery has failed, a paper copy of the notice must be provided to the patient. At any point, a patient who has agreed to electronic notice has a right to demand a paper copy of the notice or withdraw his/her electronic agreement.

Notice at the Office: Your practice's treatment facilities should display the Notice of Privacy Practices in a clear and prominent location where patients are able to read the notice. If requested, the Notice of Privacy Practices should be made available for patients to take with them. Whenever the Notice of Privacy Practices is revised, the new Notice of Privacy Practices should be displayed and made available upon request by the effective date of the revisions.

Notice on a Website: If your practice maintains a web site that provides information about its services or benefits, then its Notice of Privacy Practices must be prominently posted and made available through that web site.

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