Clinical Practice Survey

The Clinical Practice Survey was designed to allow the American Optometric Association (AOA) to gather key information about the clinical practice and optical dispensing patterns in the profession of optometry. The survey collected information about private, corporate and other optometric practice types.

The Clinical Practice Survey focuses on clinical care of patients (such as the number of diagnosed and treated cases of eye disorders), spectacle and frames available for patients, and contact lens fittings. The Clinical Practice Survey replaces the Scope of Practice Survey and Optical Dispensing Survey, both of which were historically conducted by the AOA on a bi-annual basis. Results from the Clinical Practice Survey will be compared to previous surveys, allowing for trending of data and the ability to capture changes in clinical care and optical dispensing patterns within the profession.

Results from the survey are being released in two volumes:

1) Clinical Practice of Optometry

2) Optical Dispensing Among Optometrists