Optical Dispensing Among Optometrists

The Optical Dispensing Among Optometrists report focuses on prescribing and dispensing patterns for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Data is presented on the mix of frames displayed in optometry practices, types of eyeglass lenses and materials of lenses dispensed, and lens treatments and finishing services. Data is also presented for the number of contact lens fittings performed, contact lens related complications treated, percentage of contact lenses dispensed by material and the primary choice in frequency of scheduled replacement contact lenses for patients in different age groups.

Contents include:

  • New prescriptions
  • Prescriptions filled elsewhere
  • Types and number of frames on display
  • Lens material and treatment & finishing
  • Contact lens inventory
  • Contact lens fittings and lens materials
  • Total gross revenues from frames & lenses and contact lenses & services
  • Optometrist characteristics

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