Practicing Optometrists & their Patients

The purpose of this report is to provide descriptive statistics on characteristics of optometrists practicing in the United States. Information is also provided on characteristics of patients and optometrists' participation in third party plans and managed care services. Data on patients was not obtained from a survey of patients, but rather from optometrists' estimates of the characteristics of the patients in their practice.

Contents include:

  • Optometrist age, years in practice, gender and U.S. Census Region
  • Practice size
  • Patient demographics
  • Insurance coverage
  • Number of active patients per practice
  • Services provided to managed care patients
  • Insurance plan participation
  • Reduced fees for services

Reports from the Survey include:

Report Pages Style Tables and Figures Years Available
Executive Summary 5 Brief Summary 1 2017
Detailed Analysis Report 108 Limited Narrative 209 2016 and 2017

Executive Summary. This free publication is available for immediate download in PDF format and provides an overall summary of key results from the annual survey.

Report. This detailed comprehensive report employs limited narrative, and includes tabulations and graphics for further statistical analysis. Utilizing cross tabulation, this report enables the user to monitor trends in the optometric profession specific to his or her practice characteristics, including employment situation, gender, years in practice, age and U.S. Census Region. This report is available as a PDF download for purchase through the AOA Marketplace at

              View the Detailed Report Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables and Introduction