Survey of Optometric Practice

The 2014 Survey of Optometric Practice was designed to allow the AOA to gather key information about the practice of optometry. The 2014 Survey of Optometric Practice collected information about private, corporate and other optometric practice types in 2013. Respondents answered questions using information from the previous year of operation, not 2014.

The 2014 Survey of Optometric Practice focused on practice characteristics such as the number and frequency of patient visits, hours worked by optometrists and paraoptometrics, as well as gross billings, expenses and income. Results are presented for all owners, solo, non-solo owners and employed optometrists.

Results from the 2014 Survey of Optometric Practice will be provided in three separate reports:

1. Income from Optometry

2. Employment of Optometric Staff

3. Practicing Optometrists and their Patients