Sports & Performance Vision

Sports & Performance Vision Webinars

Tools for expanding your practice and reaching new patients

About 89-90 million Americans of all ages avidly participate in sports. Unfortunately, many of these patients, children and parents do not understand the importance of optometry to their overall health, safety and performance. Communicating the importance of eye and vision health has become increasingly difficult as deceitful contact lens retailers and online "refraction tests" attempt to downplay the value of optometry, comprehensive eye exams and primary eye care services.

To reach these patients, communicating and adding value to your services is key. Sometimes, simply saying "I can help you hit/catch the ball better" or "I can make more competitive for scholarships" can be more relatable to athletes of all ages and levels than explaining the health benefits of comprehensive eye exams. Telling parents that you can help protect their children's eye from serious harm, detect signs of undiagnosed concussions or improve their performance to avoid injuries can clearly demonstrate the benefits of optometry over school screenings and disruptive technology.

The AOA has developed webinars, and online SPV kit and additional resources to help you use Sports & Performance Vision (SPV) to add value to services that you already provide as well as expand your practice through the following areas:

  1. Primary eye care: The AOA is committed to helping doctors of optometry tailor their primary eye care services to patients participating in physical activities. This includes identify patients involved in physical activities, addressing their needs when possible and referring those patients when necessary.

  2. Practice growth management: The AOA is committed to helping doctors of optometry incorporate more SPV services and expand their practice.

  3. Advancing the field: The AOA is committed to facilitating the advancement of SPV coverage, scope, research and technology.

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