SPV Student Kit

Through the generous support from Essilor, the Sports & Performance Vision (SPV) Committee is releasing the SPV Student Kits and publishing the written material as a resource for all AOA members (Click here to view SPV Kit's online resources).

The kits consist of a series of presentations, discussion questions and equipment intended to introduce optometry students to SPV. In addition to covering clinical topics, the kits include business/career tips on how to incorporate SPV Commitee services into practices, marketing those services and building a patient base.

Although the kit's physical equipment will only be available to optometry schools, the online material will be accessible to all AOA members. The online content will serve as a resource for doctors of optometry who interested in expanding their practices to include SPV Commitee services.

Next year, the SPV Commitee will develop a series short webinars, guides, protocols, tips and articles. The series is intended to help members who are not familiar with SPV to incorporate basic, relatively inexpensive, SPV techniques to their practices. Topics for the series will include: "How can SPV benefit the average practice," "Tips on incorporating SPV Commitee services," "Identifying patients' sports-related eye needs," "Detecting signs of concussions during a comprehensive eye exam," and "How to recommend proper sports-safe eyewear."

Unlike the student kits, next year's educational materials are designed for all AOA members, will be presented in smaller modules throughout the year and include audio and/or video components. The resources will begin with basic topics and advance as the series continues. The materials will be archived and organized by topics, so that members can later take advantage of these resources at their own pace.

We hope that these materials will help members identify and serve the eye health needs of their patients engaged in physical activities as well as expand their practice.