Evaluation & Testing

Incorporating SPV tests into comprehensive eye exams is key to identifying and evaluating the visual and oculomotor skills involved in your patients' physical activities and is key to managing their vision health, safety and performance. 

The following module introduces concepts on how to identify which SPV tests would be appropriate for your patients.


  • Review the role of vision in sport.
  • Understand how the case history can help identify a performance-limiting issue.
  • Discuss the application of the Vision Pyramid.
  • Learn how to set up a relevant visual performance evaluation of the athlete.
  • Review the visual skills that make up a comprehensive visual performance evaluation.



  • Who are your athletic patients?
  • Role of Vision in Sports 
  • Vision Pyramid

Developing a SPV Evaluation

  • Perceptual Elements
  • Demands of the Sports
  • Knowledge of Sport/Activity
Case History
SPV Skills & Testing Batteries:

  • Visual Acuity  
  • Contrast Sensitivity  
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA)  
  • Refraction Ocular Alignment  
  • Ocular Dominance  
  • Stereo Acuity  
  • Accommodation & Convergence  
  • Ocular Motor Function  
  • Peripheral Vision  
  • Speed Recognition  
  • Visual Motor Skills  
  • Peripheral Hand-Eye Response  
  • Visual Coincidence Concussion
  • Baseline Testing

Downloadable 'Evaluation & Testing of the Athlete' PDF