SPV Evaluations & Comprehensive Eye Exams

A Sports & Performance Vision (SPV) evaluation can range from a completely specialized evaluation to adding a few basic testing batteries to your comprehensive eye exam. Identifying your patients that participate engaged in sports and tailoring your comprehensive eye examination can help:

    • Identify their patients who participate in physically demanding activities, including athletes, military and first responders.
  • Diagnose/Identify eye, vision and concussions common to sports injuries
  • Identify impairments and/or areas to improve vision performance
  • Identify and train patients in proper sports-safe eyewear
  • Provide some basic sports and performance vision services, education and training (e.g., ensure that their patients are trained to properly wear appropriate sports safe eyewear).
  • Refer patients to appropriate specialists when needed (e.g., a Sports & Performance Vision doctor of optometry, physical therapist, or neurologist for TBIs).

Most patients at one level or another participate or are engaged in some performance activity. The activity can vary from weekend warrior to competitive athlete, but the approach taken throughout a SPV-tailored eye exam will help their vision health, performance and safety needs.

In addition, tailoring a comprehensive eye exam to meet the SPV needs of patients will help reach new patients in your community. Athletes are often ones who skip eye exams because they believe they have good visual acuity, but underlying issues may be found and resolved which help improve performance immediately. The more athletes understand that a comprehensive eye exam can help protect and enhance their vision, the more likely they will sit in your exemption chair.


SPV eye exams allows for greater public awareness regarding the importance of eye exams and proper eye protection for specific activities. As optometry deals with athletes we poise ourselves to be focused in the aspect of being on the front lines with these patients.

The AOA, SPV ommittee and Advocacy Network is dedicated to ensuring that the public, policymakers and other professions understand that ALL athletes of ALL ages should be referred to an eye doctor of a comprehensive eye examination and/or a SPV evaluation.

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