Sports & Performance Vision in the News

Pediatric Sports- and Recreation-Related Eye Injuries Treated in US Emergency Departments
American Academy of Pediatrics
(January 2018)
"Pediatric sports- and recreation-related eye injuries remain common. Increased prevention efforts are needed, especially for eye injuries associated with nonpowder guns. Increased child, parent, and coach education, as well as adoption of rules that mandate the use of eye protective equipment should be undertaken"
-Jennifer Stewart, OD (SPVC Committee Member)

The Vision to Win: OD starts sports vision business as an adjunct to primary care practice
Women in Optometry (January 2018)
"It's amazing how many kids we found who have never had an eye exam. They have 20/40 or 20/50 vision and are trying to play at this high level of competition."-Jennifer Stewart

Study tackles ticklish issue of tallying young athletes with concussions
From October 25, 2017 of AOA News
"In a research letter, titled "Prevalence of Concussion Among US Adolescents and Correlated Factors," researchers at the University of Michigan say they have found that 19.5 percent of students in grades 8, 10 and 12 self-reported sustaining at least one concussion."

How to add a subspecialty to your practice
Excerpted from page 22 of the September 2017 edition of AOA Focus.
"The Brock String and Marsden Ball, while basic and low-tech tools, can be incredibly effective in sports-vision training," Dr. Edmunds [AOA Sports and Performance Vision Committee past chair] says. "Developing a sports-vision niche is an iterative process, so don't think you have to have all the answers to start. You're going to get better the more you practice and your patients' outcomes will improve as you tweak and tailor your training protocols to meet specific needs."

Team effort: Optometry's role in treating sports-related concussions
And with National Concussion Awareness Day on Sept. 15, the AOA Sports & Performance Vision Committee offers resources doctors of optometry can share with athletes, coaches, trainers, parents and medical professionals on the role vision plays in sports-related concussions, says Keith Smithson, O.D., the committee's chair.

Doctors of Optometry Provide Eye Exams to Nationals Youth Baseball Academy Scholar Athletes
From AOA News (7/27/17)
Keith Smithson, O.D. - Chair, American Optometric Association (AOA) Sports & Performance Vision Committee (SPVC) pediatric and sports vision specialist, Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry and Washington Nationals eye doctor - along with colleagues Robert Sparrenberger, O.D. and Hylton Mayer, MD, provided eye care and education to youths in grades 3 through 7 participating in the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy. 

Water activities leading cause of eye injuries from sports
From Healio (8/10/2017)
"More eye injuries occur from water- and pool-related activities than any other sport, according to a recent study from Prevent Blindness. Basketball is the next leading activity, followed by use of guns, darts, arrows, slingshots and baseball."

'Super' QB sees vision training perks
From the AOA News
"The future is more sports-specific, digitized training modules used to give athletes a way to train without the physical punishment of being on the field.