Visual Performance Assessment & Training

The level at which an athlete performs in their sport is important to the athlete. It can determine their level of achievement (e.g., making the high school or college team), selection for scholarships, and future career in sports. To improve their performance, many athletes already invest a significant amount of time and effort in training camps, personal trainers, and equipment, while neglecting to invest in their vision. However, enhancing visual performance can help improve their overall performance in ways other training regiments cannot.

Even for athletes without any vision problems, improving visual performance-such as increasing dynamic visual acuity, decreasing reaction times, and improving eye-hand coordination-is an integral component to improving overall performance.

As sports becomes more competitive, other professions are beginning to understand the importance of vision in performance and are assuming the role of improving vision training.  Although many of these professions can help improve visual performance, it is important that all athletes regularly see an eye doctor to properly assess and manage their vision performance as well as their eye health.


The AOA is committed to ensuring that coaches, personal trainers, parents, and athletes understand the importance of doctors of optometry to the performance of athletes.

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