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Sports & Performance Vision (SPV) is not limited to doctors of optometry involved with professional athletic organizations. SPV presents an opportunity for every doctor of optometry to expand their practice and the AOA is committed to helping members to realize those opportunities. 

Who we serve

Participation in sports and recreational activities continues to increase exponentially each year, and there has never been a greater opportunity or need for optometrists to meet the unique vision care needs of athletes. In fact, 89-90 MILLION Americans of all ages avidly participate in at least one sport, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association.

In adition to athletes, maximizing vision and proper eye protection is critical to the safety and performance of police, firefighters, military, and other professionals who depend on optimal vision to carry out their duties and protect our community.  Through prevention, early detection, and treatment, doctors of optometry can help children and adults avoid suffering from undetected eye and traumatic brain injuries that can result from highly demanding physical activities. For children, this early detection and treatment can be crucial to their academic, mental, and social development. 

What we do: More than Just Eye Protection

Unfortunately, many children and adults think that eye safety stops at the use of protective eyewear. However, doctors of optometry are uniquely situated to maximize both the safety and performance of their patients' vision.  Doctors of optometry can provide the following services for their patients who regularly engage in highly demanding physical activities, such as sports, police work, military service, or firefighting:

  • Prevention: When performing highly demanding physical activities, adequate vision and proper use of appropriate protective eyewear is crucial to avoiding accidents and injuries.
  • Early Detection and Treatment: For unavoidable injuries, early detection and treatment of eye and traumatic brain injuries can prevent further harm, injury, and accidents.
  • Optimizing Vision: Working with patients to maxmize their vision allows for better performance and increased ability to avoid accidents.