2018-2019 Update, Goals, & Activities

At the 2018 Optometry's Meeting® in Denver, Colorado, the Vision Rehabilitation (VR) Committee reviewed its 2018 activities and set new goals for the upcoming 2018-2019 year.

In order to better serve our members, we ask that you review the items below and take a few minutes to complete a survey. We will use your responses to guide our activities over the upcoming year. Thank you for your commitment to improving vision rehab.


Our goal is to help members grow their practice to meet the needs of VR patients through:

  • Primary eye care by helping all doctors of optometry identify, educate, and refer VR patients
  • Practice growth management by helping more optometry practices incorporate VR services
  • Advancing the field by facilitating the advancement of scope, research and technology.

This year, we plan on providing online resources—such as webinars, CEs and manuals—to incorporate basic to advanced VR services, as well as information on billing and coding. We will continue to advocate for increased coverage for VR services and devices, educate policymakers on optometry's role in vision rehabilitation and work with other providers to ensure patients suffering from low vision, TBIs and other VR needs are referred to optometry practices.

To help VR experts and members without VR experience grow their practice, we have enhanced the VR content at aoa.org/VR and created the following categories:

Each page provides members with helpful resources, webinars and updates for each topic.

The VRC will continue its Vision Rehab Webinar Series which is intended is intended to help members incorporate and expand their VR services. The first webinar by Dr. Bhavani Iyer, "Vision Rehab, an Overview," outlines the growing demand for VR services, why VR is important to all eye care physicians, and provides an introduction to Vision Rehabilitation. Dr. Raman Deol hosted the second webinar, Low Vision Services, an Overview.

Our next webinar will be on billing and coding and will provide an introduction on how to use AOA's Vision Therapy and Neuro-Rehabilitation: Optometric Considerations in Third Party Reimbursement Manual.

If you have any suggestions for specific webinars you would like presented, please contact us at VR@aoa.org.

We would like to thank our attendees and sponsor for making the 2018 Vision Rehabilitation Forum a success. We were excited to see the high level of interest and participation from both our attendees and sponsors. We hope that the Forum helped more doctors of optometry use vision rehabilitation to expand their practice and meet the needs of their patients.

Please visit our 2018 Forum Page for more information, pictures, and slides.

Vision Rehab Student Award and Continued Student Engagement
During the VR Forum at 2018 Optometry's Meeting, five students were awarded the inaugural VR Student Leadership award; to be awarded annually. The 2018 awardees were:

    Darin Chun—Southern California College of Optometry
    Lauren Fernandez—Southern California College of Optometry
    Jessica Capri—Illinois College of Optometry
    Evan Zimmerman—Ferris College of Optometry
    Sandra Bui—University of Houston College of Optometry.

These awards presented their VR student club activities for the 2017-2018 year at the VR Forum. We will continue to strengthen work optometry schools and clubs to strengthen VR education, help students prepare for a career and support their VR activities.

We are pleased to announce the VRC's newest members: Janis Winters, O.D., Eric Ikeda, O.D., Sarah Hinkley, O.D., and Greg Evans, O.D. Ronald Benner, O.D., will be the new board of trustee liaison for VRC.