Scope & Function

The AOA is committed to working with associated professionals and consumer organizations to improve access to high caliber, comprehensive vision rehabilitation services and blind rehabilitation programs by increasing public awareness and by contributing to the development of progressive public policies through advocacy.

Optometry participates as an integral part of the blind rehabilitation network through the provision of comprehensive clinical evaluation and management of the low vision patient. This includes prescription of optical, nonoptical and electronic devices that help these individuals maximize the use of residual vision, and administration of associated therapy techniques and strategies.

Optometrists interact with colleagues in medicine, blind rehabilitation, social work, psychology, education and physical/occupational therapy to coordinate treatment plans to meet the immediate needs of low vision patients and their changing needs over time.

The AOA VRS encourages and supports development of technology related to adaptive diagnostic procedures, evaluation equipment and design of state-of-the-art low vision devices.

The AOA VRS provides a forum through which members and interdisciplinary colleagues who serve the visually impaired may expand their knowledge and exchange ideas.