Membership Benefits

AOA Membersmembers receive numerous benefits, including:

VRS Fact Sheet (Download .pdf)

Online Resource Manual

Now available exclusively online, the Vision Rehabilitation Section offers its resource guide for practitioners.  The VRS Online Resource Manual contains valuable practice management information, equipment lists, descriptions of devices, definitions, training tips, links to other low vision industry resources, coding guidelines, sample patient forms and more.  

Patient Education Materials

The VRS professionally produces patient education materials to enhance your practice, including the popular brochure: If You or Someone You Know Struggles with Vision; as well as newer online materials regarding low vision devices and the importance of nutrients in preserving eye health.

Recognition in the AOA's Dr. Locator

The Dr. Locator processes an average of 20,000 searches for optometrists per month. Searchers can now filter to only deliver VRS members. Displayed prominently on the Dr. Locator search screen, this tool serves as a valuable networking resource for all AOA members.

Your Voice Heard!

VRS is your advocate! The VRS Members and Council continue to take an active and principal role in organizations such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the National Eye Institute, and other important organizations promoting optometry's role in care for patients with vision loss