Today's students will go on to become tomorrow's doctors of optometry and optometric leaders. In our increasingly medical optometric profession, being able to care for those with visual impairment is important. Students who are exposed to vision rehabilitation will be better able to serve patients through providing basic rehabilitative care (e.g. prescribing magnifiers or prism for patients with simple demands) and knowing when and where to refer complex cases. Student exposure can also provide the foundation for further specialization in the field itself. Overall, student involvement in the Vision Rehabilitation Committee allows students to become better versed in vision rehabilitation and surrounding issues, allowing them to ultimately become better providers.

AOA's advocacy efforts surrounding students focus on increasing student awareness of and participation in vision rehabilitation related endeavors. This includes participation in conferences, particularly in the Vision Rehabilitation Forum at Optometry's Meeting®. Meeting with doctors of optometry who practice vision rehabilitation and care for this specialty population is a great asset for students. AOA's advocacy also involves maintaining communications with students at each school of optometry and supporting and promoting their events and activities.  


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