VR Referrals & Evaluations

Without a proper referral and a visual efficiency and function evaluation, patients with uncorrectable vision impairments may never receive the vision rehabilitation services they need to maximize health, quality of life and independence. The AOA is committed to advocate and provide resources so that more patients will visit doctors of optometry and receive the vision rehabilitation services they need.

Regardless of whether you specialize in Vision Rehabilitation, your patients depend on you to identify their VR needs and help them find appropriate follow up care. A comprehensive eye examination is an essential step to connecting your patients with low vision to the services they need. As primary eye care physicians, optometrists should be able to:

  1. Identify signs of low vision
  2. Identify signs of depression amongst individuals with vision loss
  3. Identify the signs of Post Trauma Vision Syndrome and concussion
  4. Be aware of practices in the area that offer VR services if they do not provide those services themselves
  5. Refer sooner than later to a vision rehabilitation specialist

Once a VR patient has been identified and referred, the patient should be administered a Visual Efficiency and Function Evaluation.

Comprehensive visual efficiency and visual function evaluations identify the patient ability to function with their residual vision. It helps the patient, family, and care givers understand their limitations and establish realistic goals for their treatment plans.

The AOA is committed encouraging more patients to see doctors of optometry so that patients suffering from uncorrectable vision impairments can be identified identify and referred to the Vision Rehabilitation services that they need. Our advocacy goals include:

  1. Promoting the importance of an in-person comprehensive eye exams to help connect more people with Vision Rehabilitation services that they need
  2. Educating patients, policymakers, and other professions of the importance comprehensive eye exams and visual efficiency and functional evaluations
  3. Provide resources to doctors of optometry, so that every optometrist can identify and refer patients in need of vision rehabilitation services
  4. Provide resources to help more doctors of optometry perform visual evaluations and services


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