Examples of Vision Rehabilitation Services

Neuro Vision Services provided by optometrists include many or all of the following:

1.      Prescribing lenses, prisms, filters and occlusion that aids in the rehabilitation process.

2.      Prescribing vision rehabilitation therapy to improve functional daily living skills.  

3.      Neuro optometric evaluation for patients and management who suffered from stroke, neurological disease, brain tumor, traumatic brain injury and congenital/developmental defects. Evaluation includes a complete eye examination plus special testing with visual fields, oculomotors, binocular testing, contrast sensitivity and electro-diagnostic testing with visual evoked potentials. The evaluation may also include testing visual midline shift to check for deficits affecting mobility, balance and posture.

4.      Referral to other professionals maybe necessary when the optometrist finds additional deficits that may include the following: vestibular deficits, poor response to systemic medication or the presence new neurological conditions.