Optometry's role in Vision Rehabilitation Services

A doctor of optometry who provides (low vision rehabilitative) vision rehabilitation services can provide the help and resources needed to gain back the independence and freedom that once seemed lost. People with low vision can be taught a variety of techniques to perform daily activities with what vision remains.

Doctors of  optometry providing vision rehabilitation services may treat individuals with vision impairments caused by ocular diseases, such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa etc, and non ocular causes like CVA (Stroke), Traumatic Brain Injury ( TBI), or other neurological conditions affecting vision.

In addition to the comprehensive ophthalmic examination, the eye care physician (optometrist or ophthalmologist) provides the following components of care:

  • The extended case history
  • Diagnosis, qualification, and quantification of functional manifestations of disease causing the ocular impairment and level of visual impairment
  • Determination and prescription of treatment options, including, but not limited to, optical correction, magnification, selective absorption filters, and assistive devices/technologies to be integrated in a goal-directed treatment plan, including delineation of compensatory strategies and therapies
  • Impression of prognosis of patient benefit from participation in a vision rehabilitation therapy program
  • Establishment and coordination of a plan of care, including specification of a schedule for physician follow-up to assess therapeutic outcomes and need for continued care

Depending on scope of pratice laws and the eye care physician's expertise, many doctors of optometry may use a wide range of options including but not limited to Prismatic Half/Full Field glasses, Magnifiers, Telescopes, Prisms and field enhancement systems, Electronic magnifiers and other appropriate technology.

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