Earn Continuing Education—Question writing

The Commission on Paraoptometric Certification (CPC) offers an alternative way to earn continuing education (CE) credits. It can be done from the comfort of your home or office at your own pace throughout the year while contributing to the profession on a national level.

Each year a CPC work group meets with Professional Testing Corporation for 2 ½ days to review all the questions on all five paraoptometric examinations. The questions are reviewed to make sure they are still applicable to the profession and are correctly written for ease of understanding and clarity, that the answer is correct and that there is only one correct answer. In addition to the questions that appear on the exams, the CPC maintains an item bank of questions to draw from each year if needed.

It takes a lot of time and effort to write so many questions. You can help by learning the proper way to write an item (question) and submitting those items to the CPC. For every five items that are submitted, one hour of CE that can be used toward your certification renewal will be issued to you.

Steps to item-writing:

    1. Review the Item-Writing Tutorial
    2. Review exam outline(s)-questions are needed in areas that are highlighted in yellow
    3. Gather resource materials-you will need to reference the source(s) of your items
    4. Compose items using the guidelines presented in the tutorial
    5. Complete the Item-Writing Worksheet and submit to the CPC

Additional information:

  • Write exam questions for the highest level of certification that you have achieved (CPOs may only write for the CPO exam, but CPOAs may write items for the CPO or CPOA exam and CPOTs may write items for the CPO, CPOA or CPOT; only CPOCs may write items for the CPOC exam.)
  • Applied (calls for problem-solving) or situational (what may happen) type questions are preferred
  • At least five items must be submitted at a time (5 items = 1 CE credit)
  • Items written for the CPOC examination will earn CE credit toward renewal of the CPOC only
  • Items are accepted year-round
  • CE credits will be issued at the end of each month and may be used during your current renewal cycle

Examination Outlines