Practice Management 101 Module

The Practice Management 101 module was designed to train new staff to better understand their impact on the optometric team. Additionally, this course would be ideal for senior staff as a review for proper practice management procedures. This module explains how each team member affects overall efficiency, profitability, and quality patient care. The course objectives are:

  1. Build a successful practice
  2. Learn how to assist in strategic business plan development
  3. Learn how to develop a personnel manual
  4. Learn about the recruitment process
  5. Learn how to motivate staff
  6. Learn the basics of financial statements and budgeting
  7. Learn the business of billing, coding, credentialing, and records management
  8. Provide a general overview of marketing
  9. Learn how to increase clinic efficiency and profitability
  10. Learn various managerial roles

Individual modules may be purchased by calling 1-800-262-2210.