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Top 10 things paraoptometric staff members need to know about AOA MORE (Measures and Outcomes Registry for Eyecare)

Paraoptometric staff members are invaluable resources to optometry practices. Often, it falls on paraoptometrics to help keep the practice up to date on coding changes, Medicare program requirements, HIPAA compliance and more. One of the more recent changes on the health care front is the increased use of clinical data registries, such as AOA MORE (Measures and Outcomes Registry for Eyecare).

Clinical data registries collect data from practices regarding the number of patients treated, patient demographics, diagnosis codes reported and conditions treated. Registries, such as AOA MORE, can help practices with the Medicare Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which was implemented in 2017. We know that as a paraoptometric staff member, days are busy. Here are the top 10 things to know about AOA MORE and how it can help best support a practice:

10. A practice must be using an electronic health record (EHR) in the office to connect with AOA MORE.
9. Check the AOA MORE website to learn the integration status of the EHR vendor and if they are submitting current year data into AOA MORE.
8. Once the practice is integrated with AOA MORE, data from the EHR is sent to AOA MORE by the EHR vendor.
7. Data sent from the EHR to AOA MORE is kept completely confidential. AOA will not have access to the practice's individual data. AOA will only be able to review aggregate data from across all registry users.
6. AOA MORE can be used to report Quality Measures, Improvement Activities and Promoting Interoperability categories of MIPS!
5. AOA MORE can be used to meet the specialized registry requirement under the Promoting Interoperability category of MIPS, even if the EHR is not currently integrated with AOA MORE!
4. AOA MORE can help doctors earn the maximum point value for Improvement Activity requirements under MIPS.
3. AOA MORE can help doctors maximize reimbursement under MIPS.
2. AOA MORE will be integrating with additional EHR vendors in the future. If the EHR is not integrated with AOA MORE, contact AOA today
1. AOA MORE is included as an AOA member benefit. There is NO charge to members in good standing; but, doctors must enroll with AOA MORE to use this service. Help your doctor enroll today at

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