Low Vision Care

Some doctors of optometry specialize in low-vision rehabilitation. They examine and provide rehabilitation of patients with visual impairments.

Each type of low-vision problem requires a different therapeutic approach. After the doctor of optometry conducts a thorough examination, which will also include tests to determine the patient's doctor.   

Vision Rehabilitation maximizes visual functioning, so the patient can achieve their visual goals and improve quality of their life. A patient's individual rehabilitation plan may include prescription glasses or contact lenses, optical and electronic magnification devices, assistive technology, glare control with therapeutic filters, contrast enhancement, eccentric viewing, visual field enhancement, non-optical options and referral for additional services with other professionals. These additional services may include: Teacher of the visually impaired, assistive technology specialist, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, certified vision rehabilitation therapist, orientation and mobility specialist, Activities of daily living instructor, vocational rehabilitation counselor and support groups.

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