Low Vision Exam

Vision exam
During a low-vision exam, an optometrist who provides low-vision rehabilitation will ask the patient for a complete personal and family general health and eye health history. In addition, the optometrist will ask the patient about any vision problems he or she has with daily activities, such as reading, functioning in the kitchen, driving, working, television viewing, attending school, and participating in hobbies.

The patient may undergo preliminary tests to assess ocular functions such as color vision and contrast sensitivity. The low-vision optometrist will perform a specialized refraction and thoroughly examine each eye. In addition, the optometrist will measure the patient's visual acuity using special low-vision test charts. These charts include a larger range of letters or numbers to more accurately determine the level of vision impairment. The optometrist may also evaluate the patient's visual fields.

The optometrist may prescribe various treatment options, including low-vision devices. In addition, the optometrist will help the patient identify other resources for vision and lifestyle rehabilitation.

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