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Leverage the power of AOA MORE and become a successful MIPS participant.

The Quality Payment Program is constantly evolving and doctors of optometry need to stay up-to-date with the latest MIPS requirements. Check this page frequently for new resources and information that will help your practice receive the highest reimbursements possible and keep up with the latest data trends and analyses for improved patient outcomes.

AOA Resources

AOA MORE supported quality measure specifications (eCQM’s)

Quality measure reporting accounts for 45% of your total MIPS score in 2020. AOA MORE supports eight quality measures. Click on the measure titles to view the 2020 eCQM specification.

QPP CMS Measure and link to 2020 specification
001 CMS 122 Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c Poor Control
012 CMS 143 Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (POAG): Optic Nerve Evaluation
019 CMS 142 Diabetic Retinopathy: Communication with Physician Managing Diabetes Care
117 CMS 131 Diabetes: Eye Exam
130 CMS 68 Documentation of Current Medication
226 CMS 138 Preventive Care and Screening: Tobacco Use
236 CMS 165 Controlling High Blood Pressure
374 CMS 50 Closing the Referral Loop: Receipt of Specialist Report

Improvement activities 

Improvement Activities (IA’s) account for 15% of your total MIPS score. For small practices (15 or fewer clinicians), you must complete two medium-weighted or one high-weighted IA over a 90-day period to receive full points for this category. AOA MORE can support you in achieving this goal.

AOA MORE is a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) and by participating in a QCDR, several Improvement Activities are available to you.

Login to your AOA MORE dashboard, select “MIPS Participation” tab and then scroll down to view the QCDR eligible IA’s. Click on the information icon to the right of the activity to learn how to complete the activity. Keep a record of when you accessed the materials in case of an audit.

  • IA_BE_7 – Participation in a QCDR that promotes the use of patient engagement tools (medium weight)
  • IA_BE_8 – Participation in a QCDR that promotes collaborative learning network opportunities that are interactive (medium weight)

The AOA developed an Improvement Activity specific to the promotion of comprehensive eye exams. To receive credit for this activity, MIPS eligible clinicians must promote the importance of a comprehensive eye exam. If you provide literature or resources to other organizations or health care providers within your community, and/or if you provide care for underserved patients at no cost, you can receive credit for this activity.

  • IA_AHE_7 – Comprehensive Eye Exams (medium weight)

Additional improvement activity FAQ’s

My EHR is not fully integrated with AOA MORE. Can I still participate?

Yes. As long as you are enrolled in AOA MORE, you have access to an AOA MORE dashboard. Follow the tutorial above to access and complete the appropriate activities.

I don't use an EHR in my practice. Can I participate?

Absolutely. But you must first enroll in AOA MORE. Follow the steps under  ‘How Do I Enroll'. When you get to the EHR selection page, select 'Other' and then click 'Do Not Use An EHR'. It will take approximately 7–10 days before your AOA MORE dashboard is available.

What documentation is required to show that I've completed the activities?

We recommend keeping a MIPS documentation file. If you watch a webinar or participate in an online learning session, make note of the date, title and keep copies of the handouts. If you download patient engagement resources, add those to your documentation file and note the date that you downloaded. Login to your AOA MORE dashboard weekly as announcements and reminders are posted through the 'Bell' icon at the top right of your screen.

I've done the activities. How do I attest?

Attestation can be completed through the Quality Payment Plan (QPP) website or directly from your AOA MORE dashboard. Instructions will be provided for both attestation methods in January 2021.

IMPORTANT:AOA MORE does not automatically submit your data or information to CMS. You must log in, verify NPI and TIN numbers, review your data and then authorize AOA MORE to submit.

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