Enrolling in AOA MORE

AOA MORE is a secure, private database that systematically aggregates anonymous patient data from multiple electronic health record (EHR) vendors to help improve patient clinical outcomes, procedures and best practices. The registry is an included benefit for AOA members

Enrolling is made easy with step-by-step instructions personalized for practice owners, associate doctors and doctors employed at a practice owned by a non-member entity

Next steps for users of integrated EHR's
Compulink users Request the AOA MORE installation. 
Crystal practice management users Enable the AOA MORE interface. 
Eyefinity users Purchase the AOA MORE installation. 
MaximEyes users Contact MaximEyes for more information. 800.920.1940 Option 4
OfficeMate/ExamWRITER users Purchase the AOA MORE installation. 

If you are not an AOA member and would like to participate in AOA MORE for a fee, please call 314.983.4270 to start the process.


how do I enroll in AOA More

What if I don't use an EHR in my practice, or use an EHR that is not yet integrated, can I still enroll?

You can enroll in AOA MORE to participate in Improvement Activities to earn MIPS points and to manually report Promoting Interoperability data to the QPP. Follow the steps above to enroll.

Should I continue to report quality codes on claims and in my EHR if I'm using AOA MORE?

Continue to report Quality Measures to CMS by traditional reporting methods (claims-based, EHR) until your AOA MORE dashboard shows 60% completion success on at least six measures.

Help Desk

Stay in Touch

Email is the primary mode of communication for all information related to active engagement with AOA MORE. Visit your MY AOA account to verify that your email address is current and that you have not “opted out” of AOA MORE communications.
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