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Why Doctors of Optometry Love the AOA Business Card

Samuel F. Poirier, CEO of Mercantile, shares why so many AOA members have found the card invaluable.

Mercantile Provides ODs a Simple Path to Vendor Discounts* through the AOA Business Card

The AOA Business Card, an AOA member benefit, makes accessing vendor offers easier than ever.

AOA Business Card pays over $172,000 in AOA membership dues

The AOA Business Card, an AOA member benefit, offers a unique sign-up bonus.

AOAExcel introduces new financial products from Laurel Road to benefit AOA members

AOA members can now gain access to three new financial products aimed at doctors of optometry.

The AOA Business Card unveils multiple cards feature

The AOA Business Card’s latest feature gives optometry practice owners even more flexibility and provides independence for colleagues and partners.

Your 2021 OD Checklist

Start the new year off fresh by re-evaluating these areas of your optometric practice and put yourself in the best position to succeed in 2021.