Standing Out in an Interview: After the Interview

January 12, 2023
AOAExcel takes a look at the appropriate actions to take after an optometric interview in the fourth part of the Standing Out in an Interview series.
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Up to this point in the Standing Out in an Interview series, practice owners Dr. David Jaco, Dr. Mason Smith, Dr. Jason Wilson, Dr. TeShawna Sutton, and Dr. Ryan Powell have offered advice on conduct during the interview, avoiding pet peeves, and how to prevent nerves and intimidation.

Once the interview has come to an end, the hard part is over! That doesn’t mean, however, that the candidate’s job is done. Maintaining contact with the hiring OD is an important part of the interview process. Our panel of practice owners offers the following advice for checking back in with a potential employer after the interview:

  • “ODs [Candidates] should follow up about a week after the interview,” says Dr. Smith.
  • “Don’t stop showing interest,” advises Dr. Wilson. “Doctors are busy and it may take them a while to get back to you, but they’ll notice if you keep showing interest.”
  • Powell suggests sending a thank you note following an interview. “Sending a thank you is very thoughtful. It may not have a huge impact on the hiring process, but it will help build your relationship.

The interview process can feel overwhelming at times, but with pieces of advice from hiring practice owners included in our Standing Out in an Interview series you’ll be set up for success.

Part 1: Body Language, Attitude, and Engagement
Part 2: Hiring Managers Pet Peeves
Part 3: Staving Off Intimidation and Nerves
Part 4: After the Interview

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