Standing Out in an Interview: Staving Off Intimidation and Nerves

December 2, 2021
In the third part of AOAExcel's four-part Standing Out in an Interview Series AOAExcel takes a look at advice for minimizing a candidate's feelings of nerves and intimidation heading into an interview.
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So far in our series Standing Out in an Interview, our panel of practice owners who have recently hired ODs within their practices – Dr. Ryan Powell of Missouri, Dr. Mason Smith of South Carolina, Dr. David Jaco of Kentucky, Dr. TeShawna Sutton of Kentucky, and Dr. Jason Wilson of Mississippi –  have offered suggestions on doing well during the interview and avoiding hiring manager’s pet peeves. Next, we asked them about how to minimize feelings of nerves and intimidation heading into an interview.

It’s natural to be nervous about an interview with a potential employer, but it is important for ODs to prevent their nerves from standing in the way of their goals with the interview. Our panel of practice owners can empathize with the nerves that come with a hiring interview and offer the following advice, especially aimed at younger ODs:

  • “The doctor interviewing you was in the same boat at one time. To help with some of the nerves, focus on building a rapport with the hiring OD,” suggests Dr. Jaco.
  • “Don’t be so nervous,” advises Dr. Wilson. “You have the knowledge and the most recent training.”
  • “Think about your clinical rotations,” says Dr. Smith. “What you did in your rotations is what you’ll be doing in real-life practice.”

The fourth and final part of the Standing Out in an Interview series will cover following up with employers after an interview.

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