5 Key Features that an OD’s Long-Term Disability Policy Should Include

October 3, 2023
Learn more about how Long-Term Disability can benefit you as an optometrist and discover what key components you should look for.
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Long-term disability insurance provides a safety net that can protect your personal income if an illness or injury prevents you from practicing. But not all disability insurance is the same—here are 5 key features to look for in a long-term disability policy:

  1. Own Occupation Benefit
    Some disability policies limit their definition of total disability to the inability to work in any job. This means you might not receive benefits if you are sick or injured but still able to work in another profession. A policy offering “own occupation” coverage means you’re eligible to receive benefits if you can’t perform the specific duties of a doctor of optometry.
  2. Flexible, Tax-Free Coverage
    Look for a policy that lets you choose the benefit amount and benefit period—such as 2 years, 5 years, or until age 65—that fit your financial needs, and receive benefits for a covered disability tax-free when you pay your premium with after-tax dollars
  3. Easy Online Application
    Save yourself the hassle of paper forms and take advantage of an insurance provider with an easy online application portal. Apply for coverage in minutes, with no medical evaluation required.
  4. No Rate Changes Due to Health
    A reliable long-term disability insurance provider will never single you out for a rate increase or cancel your coverage for health reasons. Typically, rates should only increase as you move between age brackets or if they are changed for everyone covered under a group policy.
  5. Portability
    If you have disability insurance coverage through an employer, your coverage will likely not follow you if you change jobs. A policy obtained outside of your employer can protect you without any lapses in coverage if you make a career change.

The AOA Long-Term Disability Insurance includes all of these key features and was designed in partnership with AOA member physicians to specifically meet the needs of practicing ODs. Learn more about how long-term disability can protect you and your family and find out what the right coverage would cost today.

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