Preventing Ransomware Attacks in Your Optometric Practice

February 15, 2021
With the recent rise in ransomware attacks within the healthcare industry it’s important to be aware of the latest trends. Bring these ransomware prevention tips to your next staff meeting.
Person using laptop with security graphic depicting ransomware

The FBI recently issued a warning about an increase in ransomware attacks targeting the healthcare industry. Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts a device’s data and then demands a fee for the restoration of the data. One of the best ways to prevent a ransomware attack is to recognize malicious emails that may contain ransomware.

Protect your practice by bringing these ransomware prevention tips to your next staff meeting:

  • Pay close attention to incoming email addresses. Ransomware creators often send malicious emails through accounts that appear similar to those of reputable companies.
  • Verify email content. Malicious emails may look authentic at first, but staff members should reach out to the sender directly to verify the email is legitimate if there is any suspicion.
  • Inspect linked content. Malicious links can cause recipients to download ransomware unknowingly. Before clicking a link, staff members should check for spelling errors or unusual domains.
  • Be cautious when downloading attachments. Malicious attachments are often hidden in an encrypted zip file. Staff should avoid downloading unsolicited attachments and attachments from unknown organizations.

Even if your staff is on the lookout for ransomware, accidents can still happen. Employing an effective HIPAA compliance program can help protect your practice from ransomware attacks. Learn more about HIPAA resources available through AOAExcel.

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