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As a doctor of optometry, knowing what to look for in a malpractice insurance policy may be confusing. AOAExcel and their endorsed malpractice insurance provider, Lockton Affinity, have developed the following resources to help you choose the malpractice insurance policy that best suits your needs so that you can practice up to your state’s full scope with the peace of mind that you are protected.

  • Learn about malpractice insurance – Malpractice insurance policies come with a variety of policy types, limits, exclusions, etc., and it is important for optometrists to be familiar with the different components of malpractice insurance policies to decide which policy will fully protect them. Lockton Affinity has helped us define some of the key concepts involved in malpractice insurance policies and how those concepts apply to optometrists, specifically.

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  • Get a quick quote – When you’re ready to begin shopping for malpractice insurance policies, you can receive a quote in less than thirty seconds with Lockton Affinity’s quick quote tool for AOA members – no contact information required.

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  • Have your policy reviewed – If you already have a malpractice insurance policy but want to ensure that you are completely covered for your full scope of practice, as an AOA member you can submit your current policy for a complimentary policy review. Lockton Affinity’s insurance professionals will review your policy for any gaps in coverage, so you can practice with confidence.

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  • Set up a reminder – If you are not ready to purchase a new malpractice insurance policy or review your current policy right now, you can use AOAExcel’s Remind Me Later form to receive a reminder on the date of your choosing. A Lockton Affinity malpractice insurance professional will reach out to you on your selected date to remind you that it is time to start thinking about malpractice insurance and to answer any questions you may have, whether this is your first malpractice insurance policy, or you are looking for a change.

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  • Reach out to AOAExcel – AOAExcel is here to support you as you choose your malpractice insurance policy. If you have any questions, please reach out and our team will be happy to find the answers you are looking for so that you can confidently choose the malpractice insurance policy that is right for you.

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All insurance content was provided by Lockton Affinity, AOAExcel's strategic partner. Available insurance products include professional liability, cyber liability, business owners' insurance, employment practices liability insurance, and much more. To learn more, visit AOAInsuranceAlliance.com or contact Lockton Affinity at  Info@AOAInsuranceAlliance.com.

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