Work in Multiple Practices? Learn Why Malpractice Insurance Portability is Important for Optometrists

March 25, 2021
AOAExcel answers the crucial question: Do I need multiple malpractice insurance policies if I work in more than one practice?
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Many doctors of optometry choose to work in more than one practice, often in different counties. When it comes to ensuring your malpractice insurance has you appropriately covered, it is essential to understand the portability of your coverage.

Different counties have different guidelines when it comes to malpractice insurance, and you should check with your insurance provider to determine if you have full-scope coverage in any county you practice in, and if your coverage will travel with you as you move from practice to practice.

It is also possible that you have employer-provided malpractice coverage at one practice, but not at another. It is critical to review your employer-provided coverage to ensure that the policy does not only cover you for incidents that occur while you are working at one specific practice. If you discover that your employer-provided policy only covers you for one practice, you will then need to purchase a malpractice insurance policy of your own to ensure you are protected in each location that you practice in during your working hours.

As an AOA member, you can receive a complimentary review of your current malpractice insurance policy by AOAExcel’s endorsed malpractice insurance provider, Lockton Affinity, to help ensure that you have full-scope coverage that will travel with you between practices.

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