Review the Health of Your Practice's Retirement Plan Offerings

June 8, 2024
The specialists at Equitable will work with you to ensure your plans are compliant.
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If your practice offers a retirement plan to its employees, you likely already know how valuable this benefit is to recruitment, employee retention, and tax management. However, if you haven’t revisited your practice’s plan offerings recently, you may discover your plan is operating inefficiently or even be noncompliant without your knowledge. That’s why AOAExcel partners with Equitable to provide AOA members with complimentary one-on-one consultations to review the health of your practice’s retirement plan offerings.

The specialists at Equitable will work with you to ensure your plans are compliant and evaluate whether your plan fees are too high, check whether your employees are receiving adequate education on investment and plan contribution options, identify potential causes for low participation, and other issues that could hamper your practice’s retirement options. Learn more and schedule your complimentary consultation today.

If your practice doesn’t offer a plan, setting one up is easy with Equitable— you can let the experts handle the overhead work so you can focus on what you enjoy most. Learn more about the resources that AOAExcel and Equitable offer to help you find the retirement plan that fits your practice’s specific needs.

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