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Concentrate on what matters most–your patients.

AOA Excel Overview

AOAExcel provides personal and professional resources that allow doctors of optometry to practice and flourish with confidence. Take full advantage of products and services from AOAExcel’s endorsed business partners, who have been carefully vetted to meet the unique needs of AOA members nationwide. Worry less about common career and practice headaches so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Improve your protection

Ensuring that you, your practice, and your patients' information is adequately protected can provide you with the peace of mind you need to practice with confidence. AOAExcel has identified solutions for your professional protection needs so you can focus on providing high-quality patient care.

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Secure your financial future

You work hard as a doctor of optometry to secure your financial future. As an AOA member, you have access to tools and resources to help you take control of your financial health.

Hand placing letters on table in front of laptop spelling 'student loan' Pen on top of financial documents on table with calculator Bar graph with $ above each bar in notepad with "Retirement Plan" across the top
Student Loan Repayment for Doctors of Optometry: Consolidation vs. Refinancing 4 Hidden Benefits with Offering Retirement Savings Plans to Employees Retirement Savings Plan Options for Optometrists
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Career growth & transitions

Doctors of optometry experience growth and changes throughout the duration of their careers. AOAExcel has researched tools to help you as you grow in your career, from finding your first job in optometry to selling your practice. 

Two men shaking hands Two men shaking hands Man using calculator on desk with clipboard next to it
Five Questions Interviewees Should be Asking During Their Optometric Job Interviews Employers' biggest pet peeves with optometric resumes Fixed Salary vs. Production-Based Salary - an Introduction to Compensation Structures
Man using calculator on desk with clipboard next to it Young woman with glasses on shirt looking at laptop computer. Hand picking up a green, wooden outline of a person
Independent Contractors: Get to Know Your Tax Obligations Starting the Career Search: Tips for Young ODs Six Things Every Hiring Optometry Practice Owner Should Include in a Career Center Listing
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Maximize profitability

Finding opportunities to save on practice expenses is integral to maximizing your practice's profitability. As an AOA member, you have access to resources identified by AOAExcel to help you spend less of your hard-earned money on your practice's operating costs. 

AOAExcel’s Career Center

Looking to hire a qualified doctor of optometry? AOA members save 50% when posting with AOAExcel’s Career Center.

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