Retirement savings planning

Create a clear vision of your retirement savings options with AOAExcel®’s endorsed retirement savings plan provider, Equitable Financial

Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (Equitable Financial) offers a variety of retirement savings plans to help best suit your needs, and as an AOA member you will receive a complimentary review of your current savings plan. Whether you're an independent contractor, practice owner or anything in between, Equitable Financial can make it easier for you to not only manage your retirement plan but also help your employees manage their retirement plans.

Discover your options for retirement savings 

There are many ways to save for retirement, and it can be difficult to identify which plan is right for you. Schedule a complimentary appointment with a retirement plan specialist who can help you:

  • Implement a retirement savings plan in your practice to attract and retain valuable employees.
  • Identify your goals.
  • Evaluate your current retirement savings plan and explore retirement savings options.
  • Understand the differences between 401(k) and IRA.
  • Minimize your taxes through tax-efficient strategies.
  • Maximize your return through tax-deferred savings.
  • Devise a retirement savings strategy to fit your lifestyle.

Planning your retirement

It is never too early or too late to begin planning for your retirement. As a doctor of optometry, you work hard throughout the duration of your career to secure your financial future and there are steps you can take to plan for retirement at each stage in your career. 

Are you nearing retirement? You may be seeking financial growth but are concerned about market volatility. With market ups and downs, many people are looking for strategies to help protect their retirement and financial futures. Most retirees are dependent on 401(k), IRA and pension income to supplement social security and personal savings.

A retirement program specialist can help you compare the various options available to you in order to help protect your current assets while enjoying potential future growth. 

Explore Your Options

Have a few years of experience? As a country, America is sometimes faced with changes in the economy, doubts about the long-term viability of social security funds to support a growing number of retirees and diminishing personal savings. As a result, experienced doctors of optometry and practice owners are realizing that it is critical to have a retirement savings plan to maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. Retirement savings plans are an effective way of attracting and retaining talented professionals if you own your practice. 

A retirement program specialist can help you review the various types of plan structures available for you, or for your practice, and help you establish a plan with minimal effort on your part. 

Members Retirement Program

Are you a young doctor of optometry? Many graduating optometry students fear the reality of a $150,000+ student loan. From the launch of their careers, many eye care professionals start mapping out their future income sources. Those nearing retirement begin looking into retirement savings options, and many choose to work beyond the typical retirement age. If you are a new doctor, time is on your side. A retirement program specialist can help you understand your options and how to start saving as you establish and grow your career.

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For more information, call Equitable Financial at 800.523.1125.

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