Disability & life insurance

Help protect your income and your family's financial security with group insurance administered by AOAExcel®'s endorsed business partner, A.G.I.A., Inc.

Disability and LIfe Insurance

A.G.I.A., Inc. offers group long-term disability insurance with an own occupation benefit, which has you covered if you are unable to continue practicing as a doctor of optometry due to a covered illness. AOA members also get exclusive benefits, including their choice of three plans with five different waiting periods. A.G.I.A., Inc. offers group term life insurance with member-only group rates, exclusive benefits and much more. 

Group long-term disability insurance*

Consider insuring yourself and your career. Many insurers only consider you disabled if you cannot work in any capacity. A.G.I.A, Inc. believes that a doctor of optometry should start receiving disability benefits if they are unable to maintain their current occupation. This own occupation benefit could be the critical difference if an accident ever occurred.


Group term life insurance*

Help build your financial safety net. AOAExcel's group term life insurance helps give doctors of optometry added peace of mind. This specifically negotiated insurance may serve as a convenient and affordable option to help secure your future.


Emergency Assistance Plus® (EA+®) 

You need a solid back-up plan to help you handle a crisis that happens while traveling away from home. Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+), available through Worldwide Rescue & Security, is that back-up plan that offers a wide range of services, including emergency medical evacuation, assistance for companions, travel assistance, medical assistance and so much more. EA+ helps with emergencies that health insurance typically does NOT cover. 


Products also offered by A.G.I.A., Inc.

Help protect your income.

Group Disability insurance is an important tool doctors of optometry can utilize to help protect their income. Long-term disability insurance can provide income to help cover expenses during a covered long-term sickness, illness, or after a disabling accident.

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