Steven T. Reed, O.D.

Steven T. Reed, O.D.Mississippi

Steven T. Reed, O.D., was elected to the American Optometric Association (AOA) Board of Trustees at the 119th Annual AOA Congress & 46th Annual AOSA Conference: Optometry's Meeting® in July 2016 and re-elected in St. Louis, Missouri at the 122nd Annual AOA Congress & 49th Annual AOSA Conference: Optometry's Meeting® in June 2019.

As a member of the AOA Board, Dr. Reed serves as liaison to the Investment Committee, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, and Finance Committee. He serves as the liaison trustee to AOA Excel, Health Policy Institute, New Technology Committee, Sports and Performance Vision Committee, and Third Party Center Executive Committee. He also serves as liaison trustee to the American Board of Optometry and the World Council of Optometry. He serves as the board liaison to the state affiliates of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin as well as the Michigan College of Optometry, Illinois College of Optometry, and Chicago College of Optometry. Dr. Reed's past board work includes serving as liaison to the Faculty and Student Membership Liaisons Committee, State Government Relations Committee, the Third Party Center Executive Committee, Faculty Resource Committee, Membership Development Committee, Contact Lens and Cornea Section, and Health Policy Institute.

Previously, Dr. Reed served on the AOA Communications/Public Affairs Committee. He also served as the AOA National Keyperson Coordinator for Mississippi.

Dr. Reed is a past president of the Mississippi Optometric Association (MOA) and Southwest Optometric Society. He served as chair of the MOA Long Range Planning Committee, as well as past chair of the Optometry for Progress PAC, the MOA Legislative, Assistance to Graduates and Undergraduates, and Nominations committees. He was also chair of the Board of Trustees at Southern College of Optometry, and Mississippi's Trustee for SECO International.

A graduate of Southern College of Optometry, Dr. Reed was the 2010 and 2016 recipient of the MOA James P. Brownlee Optometrist of the Year Award.

Dr. Reed owns and operates a private practice clinic in Magee, Collins and Prentiss Mississippi, and is president and co-owner of a practice in Clinton, Mississippi, as well as vice president and co-owner of a practice in Forest, Mississippi.

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