Now that you've graduated, congratulations!

If you've been an AOSA/AOA member, you've had access to a wealth of AOA resources and services during optometry school.  Now that you're a new optometrist, be sure to stay informed and connected with the AOA and your state/affiliate association. 

Why? As a new optometrist, you've already made a significant investment in your future. But this is just the beginning. You'll want to continue your membership to:

  • Ensure your voice is heard.
  • Position yourself for even greater success.
  • Increase your revenue while reducing costs. 
  • Expand your career while helping others.
  • Give back and make a difference.  

It's easy to keep your AOA membership active in just two easy steps:

1. Email your new contact information to

2. Join an AOA state or federal services affiliate - for contact information, see "Find My State/Affiliate."

Follow these steps by the end of the calendar year in which you graduate.

Optometry residents - keep your active student member status. Complete a post-graduate/resident application.

Set your career on the track to success by keeping your AOA membership active today.